Mandarins Round Chinese Coin Pin

Pin - Round Chinese Coin

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This unique pin celebrates the history of the Sacramento Mandarins. The pin is shaped like the Chinese coin members of the Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps are presented with on Family Night each June.

The bottom of the pin notes the Corps was established in 1963. Above the date is a pink banner (the original official color of the Corps) with Sacramento Mandarins emblazed in gold metal.

Above the banner are the Chinese symbols for Sacramento which were on the original patches and buttons of the Mandarins.

Two dragons (the "mascot" of the Corps and the song of the Corps, "Year of the Dragon") appear facing each other with the official symbol, a stylized "M" in Chinese brush strokes topping it all.

The pin is royal purple, the official color of the Mandarins, trimmed in gold.

This pin is one inch in diameter and has two posts on the back closed with a butterfly clasps.

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